Falconry West London

No one can doubt the love that bird handlers have of the birds of prey in their care. The many hours of devotion it takes to train and provide for these majestic animals, testifies to the fact that a full qualified falconer has a dedicated passion to the art of falconry. It requires a vast knowledge of each of the birds, and this knowledge is not only important, it is simply awe-inspiring. These lofty creatures have inspired folk law, are used as symbols of wisdom and valour, mystery and myth.
Of course, due to the level of hard work, care and attention it takes to provide and train one of these creatures, it is understandable, that even someone who professes to be a lover of these birds of prey, may never have had the chance to own one of their own, or even to try their hand at falconry. This is especially difficult if your live in a built-up area of West London, or somewhere that takes a lot of your time working hard to make ends meet. These other pursuits and necessities of life are also worthwhile, although it doesn’t leave as much time for the things you are really passionate about.
First Class Falconry affords residents of West London, as well as nearby residents and visitors to the area, the chance to try their hand at falconry, whether it be for a day, or for a course by a qualified LANTRA Assessor. Located near Heathrow airport, West London, First Class Falconry also provide a number of other services with their falconry knowledge and expertise. Flying displays can be offered for corporate events or special days such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. Experience days and educational talks can be offered for educational establishments such as schools, clubs or brownies. And of course, First Class Falconry provide the very service that Falconry is all about, pest control. This service allows you to employ pest control services in the most natural way possible for the animals, without the use of poisons or man-made traps. This is because once the nest has been found and targeted by our bird of prey it helps to disperse the pest species, including such birds as gulls or feral pigeons.
Alan Greenhalgh, owner and founder of First Class Falconry, West London, is a true lover of the craft of falconry. Having owned his own first bird of prey at the age of 12 years old, Alan now has over 35 years of falconry experience and has passed down his knowledge and love of the art to his family, who now work with him to run his family business in West London.
Alan’s knowledge is so well known that he has appeared in many programmes and documentaries as a reliable, trained knowledge source for falconry and all things related to these amazing birds.
For more information on how you can enjoy you hand at Falconry, West London based First Class Falconry invite you to contact them and check out the website at www.firstclassfalconry.com

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