Educational talks Kent

At First Class Falconry, we have a true passion not just for the art of falconry, but for the birds that we spend so much of our time working with. As such, we are always enthusiastic when we have the opportunity to provide educational talks, whether it’s as part of a school trip, a family day out, or something entirely different.

Educational Talks Kent
Our educational talks are extremely popular, enabling children and adults alike to learn more about many of the fascinating birds under our care while getting able to see them in real life, too, and much closer than they might otherwise be able to.

All of our birds are well trained, happy to be around people and behave very well when working with us. As such, our educational talks are suitable for all environments, indoors or outdoors, and groups of all ages.

What do our talks cover?
Our talks can cover a wide range of subjects, depending on your needs. We have a wide range of birds available, including falcons, owls, hawks, kestrels, and kookaburras. We can talk about the different species we work with, like their migratory habits, hunting, nest-building, and more. We’re also glad to talk about the history of bird conservation in the UK, and what we can all do to protect the environment that allows our native species to thrive.

For those interested in falconry, we can also talk about the art, including how it is done, its history, and more. Get in touch and let’s arrange an educational talk that works to the particular needs of those attending it.

A talk with a show
Throughout the educational talk, those attending will have the opportunity to see some of our marvellous birds closer than they ever have. Otherwise, we usually allow the birds to fly throughout the talk if they have the space.

As part of the talk, we’re glad to carry out demonstrations of falconry, as well, showing the attendants the splendour of the birds in action, as well as how well they can work with their human handlers. However, what kind of display we can offer depends on where the talk is being held.

Get in touch with First Class Falconry
You can ensure a first class educational experience by getting in touch with us today. Call us on 07792 722134 or email us at and we will be glad to arrange a talk that meets all of your needs.

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